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Apryl Felder

Under the supervision of Edna Abney LMFT, RYT.

Apryl is a compassion-centered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern who is committed to aiding couples, families and individuals in their pursuit of peace, joy, and purpose. Her interests encompass guiding couples through amicable separations, nurturing strong co-parenting relationships, gentle parenting and assisting couples in creating a harmonious and romantic balance within their marital dynamics. Apryl is also passionate about providing support to families and individuals challenged by chronic illness, in particular Type 1 Diabetes. 

Apryl's therapeutic approach centers around the development of secure attachment, emphasizing the importance of creating meaningful connections within relationships. Whether you're an individual seeking personal growth, a couple facing challenges, or a family navigating the path to well-being, Apryl is committed to being your guide on this journey. Her goal is to empower you to build strong, resilient connections and lead a life of fulfillment. 

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