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Namaste, I'm Edna Abney

Licensed Psychotherapist, Somatic practitioner and Holistic wellness guide.
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"Living each moment with intentionality and grace allows us to be fully present, open and aware of who we are." 

-- E. Abney LMFT, RYT 


Therapy can sometimes feel like having a good conversation with a close friend who wants to hear all about the problem you are facing… However, our work together extends much deeper to reach the origins of issues, address them, and develop healthy practices to heal and creating lasting change.


We will begin our work in the present moment, peeling back the layers of protection, to understand who you are, how you cope, and what you need to truly heal.   


I desire to meet clients where they are with compassion and curiosity. I aim to provide an open, safe, and nonjudgmental environment where clients can feel unfiltered and uninhibited.

What it’s like to work with me:


I invite clients who are experiencing chaotic transition, difficulty navigating relationships, and those who seek interpersonal healing, to join me in exploring fresh perspectives and new narratives around the experiences of the past.


I believe in my client’s abilities to discover the best solutions for themselves on this journey, I’ve been blessed to see it happen every day.