Meet Brittani Sheldon

Counseling  Intern
Contact Brittani: (404) 857-0752 ext 704

"Mental health…is not a destination 

but a process. It’s about how you 

drive not where you’re going." 

-- Noam Shpancer, PhD


I’d to like to welcome you to a judgment-free  zone in which you can feel free to express yourself and be comfortable in doing so. Throughout our journey together, we will work towards your healing, growth, and overall wellness by taking a solution-focused approach. This means that I will assist you in reaching your goals of well-being and healing by equipping you with the tools necessary to change your life session by session. 



Our time together will be a joint venture in which I will utilize my knowledge and expertise in mental health to guide you on the path to self-discovery and where you will commit to choosing yourself daily throughout this process. My goal is for you to realize your potential, recognize your own empowerment and strength, and to ultimately elevate in every aspect that you desire.


What it’s like to work with me:


 Here, we will end the stigma associated around mental health by providing you with a safe place to release, heal, and thrive.