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Hi, I'm Erica Curry

Associate Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

I’m honored to join alongside my clients’ unique journeys with curiosity while creating a safe nonjudgmental space filled with care. During our work together, we will engage in gentle and collaborative conversation. At times, these conversations may be quite difficult but my intent is to fill this space with patience, empathy and grace. My client’s often seek support with their self-love journeys, personal growth, life transitions, navigating stressors, women’s issues, pregnancy/prenatal/postpartum, relationship issues, marital and premarital support. My personal hope for each of my clients is that they leave our work together feeling wholeness, peace and empowered to live life authentically for themselves and for the relationships that matter most to them. 

I believe in my client’s abilities to discover the best solutions for themselves on this journey, I’ve been blessed to see it happen every day.

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty." 

- Maya Angelou

About Erica

My journey to become a therapist was ignited by my passion for loving relationships and deepening self awareness. I’ve had the

opportunity to work with many couples, families

and individuals seeking personal growth, solace

and healing as they navigate life’s challenges.

Similar to my personal evolution, my work as a

therapist continues to evolve. I offer a

collaborative therapeutic approach utilizing

curiosity while maintaining the position that my

clients hold the expertise in their lives. I aspire to

help clients realize their expertise by engaging in

open conversation which often leads to new

perspectives and deep insights. Through this

approach, I aim to empower and honor space for

my clients' authenticity. My therapeutic

approach is influenced by a systemic framework

and includes training in both Emotionally

Focused Therapy and The Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level I.

About Erica
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