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Welcome to
Mindful Life Services

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health emergency, call the Mental Health Crisis Hotline at 988.

Welcome to

Mindful Life Services

Mindful Life Services evolved from holistic wellness practices designed to create intention in everyday life. Our mission is to inspire curiosity, compassion, and awareness. We believe that true healing and growth involves a mind-body approach, and that's why we offer a combination of therapy and yoga services to support your overall well-being. We take a holistic and client-centered approach to therapy that focuses on intentionality, mindfulness, awareness, and cultural sensitivity.

Our Philosophy

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We all hold the keys to our own happiness, yet sometimes it may be difficult to identify our needs. Mindful Life Services invites clients who are experiencing a chaotic transition, difficulty navigating relationships, and those who seek interpersonal healing. Join us to discover a world of healthier minds and stronger bodies! We're here for you, offering fresh insights on mental wellbeing that'll make your journey easier than ever.  Let's start the conversation today!


Our Clients

Our clients value physical, spiritual, and mental wellness. We use experiential integrative therapy to heal and transform old wounds, create more meaningful relationships, and develop the emotional resilience necessary to live more intentional, positive, and fulfilled lives.

We Support


Our clients have come to us with concerns of:

  • Generational relationship issues and navigating patterns of communication.

  • Difficulty finding peace, balance, and emotional wellness in daily life.

  • Couples who are experiencing challenges that result in lack of communication and/or detachment.

  • High-stress environments resulting in symptoms/triggers of anxiety and/or stress.

  • Difficulty navigating a significant life transition.

  • Looking to explore physical wellness through yoga and guided meditation. 

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