My passion is helping clients to find balance and emotional wellness in the midst of life’s challenges and transitions.  In session I aim to help clients create meaning of their experiences and become more aware in their lives, while achieving a deeper sense of peace and mindfulness. Rather than focusing on the negatives, we explore solutions and healthy coping techniques which highlight the strengths and wisdom we inherently possess.
I work with individuals, couples, and groups in the Atlanta metro area. I provide virtual sessions for psychotherapy, and I also lead virtual 1-on-1, workshops, and training sessions. I am engaged in regular consultation so that my clients receive the best care possible.

Our Philosophy

My philosophy is that we all hold the keys to our own happiness, yet sometimes it may be difficult to identify our needs. I invite clients who are experiencing chaotic transition, difficulty navigating relationships, and those who seek interpersonal healing, to join me in exploring fresh perspectives and new narratives around the experiences of the past. I aim to provide an open, safe, and nonjudgmental environment where clients can feel unfiltered and uninhibited. I desire to meet clients where they are with compassion and curiosity.

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Who are our clients?

My clients value physical, spiritual, and mental wellness. We use experiential integrative therapy to heal and transform old wounds, create more meaningful relationships, and develop the emotional resilience necessary to live more intentional, positive, and fulfilled lives.

Our Clients often present w/ concerns pertaining to:

– Generational relationship issues and navigating patterns of communication
– Difficulty finding peace, balance, emotional wellness in daily life
– Couples who are experiencing challenges, causing communication failure and/or detachment
– High stress environments resulting in symptoms/triggers of anxiety/stress
– Difficulty navigating significant life transition