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Therapy Team

We believe that the relationship between therapists and their clients are a vital component of the healing journey. Through intentional evidence-based approaches, our therapists will help you develop a deeper understanding of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to identify patterns and dynamics in your relationships and systems. Our culturally sensitive and intuitive practices can help you cultivate a greater self-awareness, connection, and develop new strategies for accepting and managing life’s stressors and transitions.

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Edna Abney

CEO, Licensed Psychotherapist |Somatic Practitioner and Holistic Wellness Guide 

I invite clients who are experiencing chaotic transition, difficulty navigating relationships, and those who seek interpersonal healing, to join me in exploring fresh perspectives and new narratives around the experiences of the past.

Ashton Marshall


Diversity is not just acknowledged but celebrated in our shared narrative. My commitment to providing culturally sensitive and inclusive therapy ensures that each client's unique background and identity are respected and honored.

Sarah Ramirez


It is my hope that each client grows with the knowledge required from therapy to create long-term success and confidence.


Stefanie Poole

Doctoral Marriage & Family Therapist Intern

Living out the life designed for you is what each day is about. When life throws you lemons, find a good therapist to help you add sugar and water. 

Shuronda Clayton

Marriage & Family Therapist Intern

Through guidance, but most of all collaboration, I want to help you discover the best solution in your best interest that allows you or your family to thrive.

Apryl Felder

Marriage & Family Therapist Intern

Apryl is a compassion-centered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern who is committed to aiding couples, families and individuals in their pursuit of peace, joy, and purpose. 


Alexis Ealy

Marriage & Family Therapist Intern

Together we will overcome life’s obstacles as we take the necessary steps towards a more fulfilling and balanced life.

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