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Sarah Ramirez

Under the supervision of Edna Abney LMFT, RYT.

Sarah is a bilingual masters level clinician with a degree in Marriage and Family therapy from Amridge University. Over the years, Sarah has acquired a strong understanding of families and couples dealing with distress, children with emotional distress/autism/behavioral aggression, and with families and couples dealing with separation and reintegration. She is passionate about working with families, children, teens, adults, couples, and the Latino community. 

Sarah es una clínica bilingüe con nivel de maestría y una licenciatura en terapia matrimonial y familiar de la Universidad de Amridge. A lo largo de los años, Sarah ha adquirido un sólido conocimiento de las familias y parejas que enfrentan dificultades, de los niños con angustia emocional/autismo/agresión conductual, y de las familias y parejas que enfrentan la separación y la reintegración. Le apasiona trabajar con familias, niños, adolescentes, adultos, parejas y la comunidad Latina.


The first step doesn't take you where you want, but it does take you out of where you are.

El primer paso no te lleva a dónde quieres ir, pero te saca de donde estás.

- Alejandro Jodorowsky

My goal is to help individuals move forward in their lives by creating a plan catered to their individual needs. Developing coping skills and building self-esteem to tackle obstacles will be at the forefront of every session. It is my hope that each client grows with the knowledge required from therapy to create long-term success and confidence.

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