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Meeks Lynn

RYT 200

About Meeks

A former New York City public school teacher of 17 years, taught in Title 1 schools where she used social-emotional learning to educate the whole child A huge proponent of health and wellness, Meekslynn began to seek outlets to relieve stress from her rewarding yet demanding job. She began seeking yoga in the mid-2000s as a reprieve.

For almost a decade she would benefit from the healing properties of yoga. In 2017, she was introduced by two friends to Breathe for Change; a certified yoga program for educators. She would complete her CYT 200 in 2018. Since then she has been offering classes in the park and online.


 Meekslynn demystifies the misconceptions that yoga can be intimidating. She uses an unorthodox approach to teaching gentle vinyasa and restorative flow. Her classes are easy to understand and follow curated with intentional pacing for all levels. Her students leave their mat feeling positive and optimistic.

Talitha J.

"Lately, I've been feeling like this class gave me the push I needed to take better care of my energy, and now I can do it on my own! Adding this prospective growth in your schedule and the divergence of our availability is perhaps the universe is telling me to get started on my own – and so I will, with deepest gratitude for all Meeks' help getting me on the right path!"

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